Thursday, June 25, 2009

bday fareezzzzz!!!!

a V hapy bday 2 my dearest click fareez..
duhh,, the preparation for his bday was unplanned and da most important thing,
i was totally forgot dat today is his bday..
sorie dowwww..

soo here it goes,,,
there's a few people dat were involved in this surprise party.
i dont wanna mention any1's name(tkot ttinggal nme..)
we went 2 mega 2 buy the tshirt n cake 4 him.
i ws soo tired(pose duh) but still i joined them..
as soon as we reach mega, ja, meera n i went 2 theLOT 2 buy a tshirt 4 him.
then 2 DeliCountry 2 buy the cake.
sorie no secret recipe 4 u,, sme org da pokai.
evrythng went soo smooth.
n tonite was da climax.
he ws tied, kne blg ngn telur n tepung..
he smells sucks! urgghhhh...
tp x pe fareez ko bsuk pown kitorg syg ko dow..

c busuk

c busuk lagiiii

black forest cake DeliCountry!!

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