Monday, June 22, 2009

bday kimi...

first n 4 most,, i wud like 2 wish a V sweet 18th bday to my dear fren,,
ngahaha,, dont worie bout getting older man..
may da 18th year of ur life wud be da most blessfull among all da colourfull years.

i went 2 mega today,,
break fast wit joe n suddenly my mom called me saying dat she wants me to join them 4 dinner.
ohoh... gle gendut dowww.
so joe n i joined my family 4 dinner at pizzahut mega!
kenyang gle smpi xlrt nk jln..

sooo, today,, lots of people found out bout yy's blog.
they got sooo pissed wit wut she hd written there.
epul told me dat he's gonna do somethng 2 her.
omg... diz matter is going 1 level higher than it shud b.
i nvr want diz 2 happen,
but she asked 4 it, sooner or l8er,, she'll get somethng dat she deserves.
i tried 2 stop epul from doing anythng dat might coz us trouble but...,
sometimes boys just cant take wut a girl had done 2 them..
sooo yeah, let him do wuteve he wants.
i'm soo out of diz.. i guess (haha!)

p/s : i dont gv a shit bout wut u people wanna say bout me. my life is all about me. n hell yeah, i am V proud 2 b me. i wud rather be hated 4 who i am than being loved 4 wut i am not. i am not fake. i am honest. i dont like fighting (coz it will make me look soooo "kampung") unless if u start it 1st. i dont criticize people on how they look like or say anythng bad about ur body shape bcoz no 1 can change ur physical appearance [or ur hair,, or even ur tudung yang salu senget 2] but i do criticize people if they act like a psycho path (like coming into my bbe's room n said "aku transang tgk pmpn freehair") bcoz dat is V weird. if u dont want people 2 talk about how weird u r,, stop acting like a weirdo unless if u enjoy being a weirdo (duhh,, dats double weirdo). n nvr expect people 2 like u n always say gud thngs about u bcoz people talk, u cn nvr make them stop. u shud b proud of urself. n if ur not, y dont u just take a knife n slit ur own wrist. but evn afte u died, people will still talk about u. i love 2 make frens n i dont discriminize people based on their capital bcoz people who discriminate others based on how much do u hv in ur bank account or how big ur car is r complete losers who didnt realize dat da money they owned were act their parents' money. hahahaha. prasan la u guys. lastly, try 2 b V convincing when u talk 2 some1 4 da first time. not warning her bout small thngs. u can always say it in a proper way. if u dont like people 2 call u wit short nicks, y wud u hv a diff nick dat hs nthg 2 do wit ur own name? u r such a pitifully moronic person i've ever met..if u dont like me, i dont gv damn coz bkn ko pown yg bg aku mkn. x mti pown kalo ko bnci aku.. dum dee dum~~
read this woman!!

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