Thursday, June 4, 2009


last nite was da most hectic nite everr...
it was soooo damn scary yet funny...
i dont noe wut is happening 2 da world..
first ur at 1 side n just 4 da next second,, ur at d other side..
first u were laughing n da next second,, u got all da chill out of ur nerves..
"yy" is da name dat we used 2 cal dis 1 girl at our Uni..
she's kinda weird..
i dont like her since da 1st time i saw her...
but she kept on coming 2 any room dat belongs 2 my gang..
(dat cn b considered as weird 2)
so last nite,, there's a fren of mine -wan- asked me 2 approve few of the frens request on his ms..
sooo,, i did it n yeah...
she was 1 of da frens who added him,,,
at 1st i didnt really recognize her bcoz her default pic was WHOA!!
(dat means amazingly pretty)
all i wanna say is ur V gud at editing pics honey.. (haha!)
but da 2nd time i c it,,,,,,
i was freaking out so i called my gang 2 browse on her profile..
we laughed like getting da hell out of there..
but suddenly,,
"is she da 1 dat sits behind us"
i turned around n i saw her staring at us...
it was like digging our own grave when we laughed soo hard at her..
i picked up my lappy n went upstairs.
i was sooo scared...
but hahaha... nthg happened last nite...
n here i am,,,
sharing my story wit u....
(gle poyo)


fiercebunny said...

weh x aci aku tadeeeeeeee.dushh!

la belle said...

ko blek la..

Anonymous said...

Don't be such a bitch. Not everyone like you either.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. No offence,bro. Peace out.

la belle said...

naah,, i dont give a shit.. if people hate me,, who da hell am i 2 force them..
everyone hs their own choice.. dum dee dum