Saturday, July 11, 2009

1 nite stand.


i hardly noe u as we nvr hang out together.
but afte i noe u guys,
i realize dat :

i tot u were a jerk (sorie) but ur act V sweet

ur innocent face r sooo in with ur attitude, animal lover

i nvr c ur face so i noe u as a goody 2 shoes (hey, dats a compliment)

i tot u were an angry guy but he's act V nice

i tot u were a type of idk n idc guy but ur act a teaser

u guys r da best
i had a great time wit u guys n i'm not lying..

1 nite stand at TC hs tot me a lot of thngs.
1. if u hv any probs wit ur clicks, God will always send some1 2 hear ur problem.
2. not every guy in dis world is bad, God always reserved da good ones 4 da rite time.
3. u dont have 2 go far when God hs create soo many beaches 4 u 2 go n release ur tension.

special thx 2 MERc 4 giving me a ride 2 TC. all da secrets we shared dat nite i will keep it safely in my heart. i promised.

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