Thursday, July 16, 2009

falling apart

how can i say diz.
i luv my frens. i love da frenship they've given me.
but seriously, i'm getting tired of speaking 2 a bunch of people who nvr care 2 listen.
i'm not saying dat they nvr listen 2 me.
but dats rare.
we've been besfrens for more than a month.
but i can only see da true colours now.
i tot besfrens r suppose 2 listen 2 each other.
maybe i was wrong.
imagine how it feels when ur r trying 2 convince ur fren about somethng n she just walk away.
ur most probably might get angry rite??
i'm soo dissapointed.
u pushed me into da problem, u asked me wuts da result but u dont wanna listen 2 fact dat we r act problematic.
if u want somethng 2 change u hv 2 change first.

p/s : i love u guys no matter wut happens. but i hv 2 gv myself time to adapt 2 da new people i'm meeting now.

1 comment:

applediary said...

dear...take things easy yeah..
we are trying to adapt to the surroundings...
chill yea?