Friday, July 3, 2009


"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out"
my room8 hs left for mktb diz morning.
looks like im gonna b alone in my room unless if there's some1 else who will replace her as my room8.
but seriously norm,, u r da best room8 ever.
i luv u!

hartini hassan,,
ur da best bbe n sys of mine.
pls3 stay wit me okayyyy???
syg sgt kt ko!!!!

next is about the
tranformation of nurfarahi nabilah mohd azmi!!
bad girl gone good.
i'm now wearing tudung.

* the story started when i woke up one morning n realized dat i havent iron my cloths.. i looked at my watch. owhhh,, i have 40 mins to get ready for class.. i knocked on ja's door. "ja.. nk pnjm iron." ja laughed as usual n let me in. when i tried 2 match it with jeans i realized dat de sleeves are short. i cant wear short sleeves to class. so i called fatin to borrow her inner. back 2 my room, i took my liverpool towel n went to take a shower. then only after showering for about 15 mins i felt like i wanna wear tdg. so i knocked on ja's door again n ask her 2 borrow her tdg [sme bnde nk pnjm,, x snonoh btol]. she gave her tdg with a bright smile on her face. so i went 2 class dat day wearing tdg.. feels like i've done somethng good for myself n my parents. ngeeeeeeee. gle bgge dowwwww...

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