Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1 budak hitam..

a tiring yet fun week for me..
i call it tanned week.
because it is the time for us to get free tanning!!
went to the beaches in kuantan.

balok beach n tc.
both for cdo.

cdo [campus day out]
destination - balok beach.
we went there b4 we cn c the sun rise and we went back when the moon is already there.
i was tanned all over dat my dad calls me along a/p azmi
we had a good time enjoying all d activities there.
as i said hell tiring but fun!

cdo [class day out]
destination - teluk cmpedak

it was really fun coz dis is da 1st time we had our class outing.
da game was V exciting. [bell = ajk game. ngahahhaha]
we went there by "van sekolah"
makcik van was V kind to us..
sym je kje die..
thx guys,, i had a nice day wit u guys...

p/s : outing2 gak,, presentation x siap g. hahaha

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