Monday, August 17, 2009


just now, college reading test, crap
after dis, college study skills test, double crap
tomorrow, college listening n speaking oral test, triple crap
thursday, computer literacy web draft, quadrable crap!

i just need more time 2 sleep but god only gv me 24 hours a day.
i dont wanna study but i dont want 2 fail any of these tests either.
i love money but i'm wasting it.
i dont wanna be a brat but i'm already a brat.
i wanna diet but my ass says dont u love me?
i dont wanna be at home, but i miss my mom's smbl ptai ikn blis.
i like him but he still loves his ex.

wut a tough decisions to be made.
lose my steps and i'll lose everything.
cmon!!! get up!
make up ur mind moron!
u wanna fail or u wanna pass?
my decision is, jup eh.. nk g berak dluh.. nti pk blek~

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