Monday, August 17, 2009


i noe nthng bout futsal.
just kick the fucking ball for god sake!
dats all i noe.
hmm,, futsal asasi match.
let da pics do da talking!

dearest p.a!

da 2 best striker of da team!

love da number!!

gud luck charm from baby!


yes2. there's no doubt dat i like u soo much. i've lied 2 my babes bout my crush. i'm sorry babes but i have to. i'm too shy to tell u guys dat i like him. but wut cn i do. when i try 2 approach him, i can feel like he's trying soo hard to hold back. he loves his ex more than he loves himself. just hope dat he realize 1 day dat there's always some1 who is ready to gv up everythng she hs just 2 earn ur love. we might be seen as frens, but believe me boy, deep down inside, there's a girl who will always waits for u.i will nvr gv up on u.

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