Tuesday, September 15, 2009

evilism.. ngahaha!!

siti syahariyah shaharuddin
i called her like 2 mins ago.
but now i already missed her.
nvr hd such a real conversation bout boys wit her.
but yeah,, we hd it just now.
she already have a boy!!!
she goes like "nabel, i thnk i hv a hot on dis faeez maiza guy"

no way sha,, he's way 2 rmc 4 god sake.
rmc dude,, is a complete NO-GO
i dont want u 2 hv a life just like mine.
it sucks!!
n ouh,, dis guys is a fucking sweet talker.
sha doesnt hv any experience wit guys.
so yeah, i hv 2 do all da dirty job.

soo,, she told me dat he told her dat his ex mnx RUJUK.
n i cnt stop wondering y da hell is he telling her bout it?
just 2 earn her trust n after dat he can easily two-timed her?
uhuh,, u r messing with da wrong gf dude..
i said " sha, tell him 2 fuck off"
n she did..
dat simple?? i dont thnk soo.
a sweet talker like him (n ouh casanova 2) will make sure dat he will never gonna get dumped but he will do da dumping job.
he'll make it up 2 her again.
n again she'll trust him.
n again, i hv 2 do da dirty job.
just wait n see...

n heyy,, i just called her n she said he was crying..
urghhh,, u make me wanna puke son of a bitch~

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