Saturday, September 12, 2009

i'm not proud anymore..

having bestfrens is not da best thing ever u noe..
u trust them like crazy, u thnk dat they r da best mates ever n now,,
they treat u like a pitifully moronic pathetic stranger they hd ever known in their life..
da sad thing is,, wutever happens 2 them,
u just cant stop feeling sorry about them.
hey stupid!!
stop thinking about others,, feel sorry bout urself 4 being frens wit them.
momoy said dat i'll waste my precious teenage time if i still brag bout people who dont even appreciate me.
momoy said he sees tears more than laughters.
momoy said dat i'm 2 proud dat 1 day i'll nvr be anymore.
i hd fight wit momoy bcoz he said dat..
but now... i start 2 think dat...
maybe momoy was rite.
i'm just too pathetic 2 be a human being..
ouh.. is dis wut we call life????

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