Sunday, September 6, 2009

im sorry

if waiting 4 u is da stupidest thng i hv ever do
i dont bother being stupid.

if remembering u is da craziest thing i've done so far
i would never wonder y my frens called me crazy.

if texting u is wasting my time
wutever,, i'm a time waster, happy?

if thnking of u makes me wanna puke
then give me da bucket n i'll puke in it

if calling u is like taking my life away
i am planning to die if ur not wit me

i'm desperate??
so wut?? i dont gv a shit.

dat i still wear ur chain
dat i still have ur pics
dat i still wear ur shirt
dat i still love ur smell

so wut more do u want me 2 do.
just come back 2 me.
im not giving up on u.

even da memories of us is fading out,,
dont worry i will keep on lighting it up.
i'm sorry dat i'm still not ready 2 let u go.

and for my girls,, sorie for being soo moody lately.
just ignore me k. i'm not important anyways.

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