Thursday, September 3, 2009

shadow of u

trying hard to blend myself wit da fact dat ur not mine.
every step dat i take reminds me of u.
im dying over here, struggling to get rid of da past memories.

y is it soo hard 4 dis heart 2 understand dat?
y is it soo hard 4 dis mind 2 get rid da memories of u?
y is it soo hard 4 dis mouth 2 stop uttering ur name?
y is it soo hard 4 dis eyes 2 shut when seeing ur shadow?

i dont understand how life runs it cycle
i dont understand how it changes someone's destiny
i just dont understand

i dont noe when did met him
i dont noe when we broke up
i just dont noe

i've been dumped??
is dat true?
dat will nvr sounded like me.
but yes.. dats da fact.
n i hate it.

1 comment:

~NaDiA~ said...

1 advice 4 u my dear..just pray 2 allah dat 1 day u'll forget him..i just dont like it when u r like this..please think of smthin dat will make u happy but with no him inside dat..i'll pray 4 ur happiness one day..hehe.. ;-)