Friday, October 9, 2009


wuts dat?
ouh,,, is dat da name dat indonesian hs given 2 our country malaysia
mommy said "yelah,, malingsia nie lah yg tlg negare miskin diorg 2"

hmm,, in my opinion, these people r V ungrateful.
kt mne bibik2 cr duet?
kt mne buruh2 cr duet?
spe yg plg byk jd maling kt msia?

kutok la kalo nk kutok
ganyang la kalo nk ganyang
u wanna call us chicken?
hmm,, let me think. do we look like we care?

we hv da freedom of speech
i'm sorry if u dont.
we're not riot
i'm sorry if u r.

kami ada prinsip 1 malaysia,
bkn 1 malaysia n indonesia

u can say wutever u wanna say,
we dont like 2 create fight cos dat wud make us look like we have da 3rd class mentality.
our aim is for da country's developement
we dont hv time 4 fighting.

para pemimpin,,
troskan perjuangan anda!!
persetankn manusia2 yg jeles.

budaya kta sme krane kte dibawah 1 tanah melayu suatu ketika dahulu.
u made up a new issue just 2 cover up ur economical issue there ryte??
sorie 4 being 2 emotional,,
sye cme bsemangat patriotik.
xslh kn???

masih ingat rukun negara???
*believe in god
*loyalty 2 da king n country
*supremecy of da constitution,
*rule of law

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