Tuesday, October 6, 2009


ur like a virus in my life
deleted but still there.
scanned but cannot b traced.

mommy said act like it's nothing 2 u..
but da fact is, dis virus is treatening me..
it leaves a bond called friendship.
something dat i discovered when i first met it.

it is risky.
i noe.
it may hurt u.
i noe dat 2.
then y am i still here??

i am not suppose 2 b here anymore.
i am suppose 2 b in da middle of da sea out of no where.
i am suppose 2 b alone when there's no 1 around
not alone when there r lots of people around me.

wut did i do?
i'm just moving on.
i cnt c if dats a sin?
u hv ur own gang, u dont evn like me
y shud i join u?

u said it ws random,
if it's not 4 me, y dont u explain it 2 me?
it is obvious besfren.it is obvious.

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