Sunday, November 22, 2009

mr sailor...

like i said to zoul,,
"girls come n go" same goes 2 da boys.
1 left there'll b another 1 2 cover u up.
soo,, no misery.
i've no time 4 commitment rite now.
neither i've wasted da last 1 who filled da vacancy in my tiny concrite heart,
life must go on..
i couldnt live my life being a sobber.
i hv lots of better thngs 2 do.
all da last week miseries hs gone passed me.
i'm in da 2nd week of my 2nd sem in uitm.
last nite, using my celcom num, i tried 2 prank him, butttt............
he's on da line wit another person.
(apekn dye sye cume scndl. tp xkesah pownn,, he got $$$$)
30 mins later..

"hello.. spe nie?"
"hey.. it's me"
"nabilah eyy???omg syg imy"

da truth is i miss him 2..
but all i cn do is just laugh.
pulang lah mr sailor kuuu...
sye rnduuu..

p/s tgk nanna kwen last weekend. wondering if my life wud hv such a happy ending. uhuhhhh.. i'm not planning on it!!!!

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