Thursday, November 26, 2009

sye generasi hebat. anda?

soo,, i hv no intention 2 brag bout my achievement so far..
but yeah,, here they r.

starting from i ws a child.
i managed 2 keep my toys in a V good condition but after 5 years when angah joins da family, she ruined everything..

3-4 years old
i attended pre-school with my mom. (she's da teacher)

5-6 years old
i ws forced by my daddy to go to taski ABIM!!

standard 1-6
xpna tron class.. class 1st jer.. hebat x?? haha!!

5A!! alhamdulillah.. seri puteri here i come!!

form 1-5
i'm kinda popular among teachers, seniors n frens 4 my bad records.
(apekah?? sye pelajar cemerlang)
7A1B.. hoihh,, xbgge okayy sgkut BM. benak ke pe da..
dont ask.. i didnt study n i ws full of sins.

now,, UITM
still miss popular still d old me.. but wit higher pointer n higher level maturity.. ngahahaha..

2 facts dat will never change bout bell.
1. mr smelly itu kwn plg setia x ley tdo kalo xde mr smelly
2. money is da most important.. without it, nasi koboy pown xmrase okay..

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