Friday, December 4, 2009


da world hs been soo boring l8ly,
i dont noe y..
but yeah,, sooooooo boring.

went shopping ALONE yesterday,,
there ws only rm200 in my purse.
*wut cn i buy with rm200??

walking non-stop into each n every little shop in ecm.
i called almost everyone until i hv no more crdt left.
n surprisingly,, i found dat there's a lot dat i cn buy with rm200.
i bought new shoes for only rm25 [50% off]
*aunty sye nk pkai kasut nie tros okayy
new bag for college [10%off]
*putihnye,, xsggp nk pki
i watched 2 movies [gne student card]
*new moon 4 da 2nd time n mulan
i treat sya 4 lunch
*noodle station. sdp nyeee

12 hours wondered around inside da mall.
i ws soo tired, but still managed 2 watch boys over flowers after i got back.
uhhhhhhhhhh.. it ws a V tiring day 4 me.
i really hope dat i dont hv 2 do dis alone-shopping thingy again.

ps : mr sailor is coming back!! i cnt wait!!!

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