Tuesday, December 22, 2009


melaka is a very nice place.
wit all da friendly people.
i enjoy being there.
i missed ibu yam's delicious asam pedas.
but 1 thng 4 sure,, she reminded me of some1 dat i've been trying hard 2 forget.

god,, grant me a wish dat i will nvr asked 4 it again.
all i cn do is nthg.
my mind keep on reminiscing back 2 d old, good days.
if only u cud take back those memories..
in anyways dat u can do.
i dont want it anymore.
it hurts so much.
asphyxiated by it.

i wanna hv a new life.
i wanna hv a new hope.
new love??

how much do u hate me?
u didnt answer it.
but i'm quite sure it means a lot.
dat i cn nvr imagine how much it is.

god,, i dont want those memories.
take it back.
so dat i cn live with no regrets.

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