Friday, December 4, 2009

sye kate sudah!!!!

y cnt u just leave me alone n let me live my life happily without u??
bad mouthing me to my own friends??
wth r u thnking, mad man??
they r my bbes 4 god sake.
u thnk ur 2 good 2 influence them 2 hate me?
ur wrong!!
our friendship is stronger than ur fragile, "long-lasting" love.

ur just an asshole..
i thnk u already knew it..

ur just jealous of me rite??
bcoz i'm now wit a bttr person compared 2 u.
it's a bit frustrating seeing ur ex-gf is happy wit some1 who treats her rite.
da chick u've been BRAGGING about is just a cheap slut.
*kutip kt mne2 jelahh!!!!
ur just gonna do da same 2 her wut u did 2 me.

"i bkn jnji mlayu syg"

listen u jerk,
dont u dare saying anything bout me ever again.
if i noe u do,,
u'll hv 2 face me 4 da 2nd time.
not as ur ex-gf, but as ur worst nightmare
*u lpe ke i rpt dgn ayh n ibu u?? nk tgk diorg ngs?? try me!

loving u is just a waste of time.
get it????

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