Friday, February 12, 2010

i dont care

i dont care! bout who? 2 people.. 1 kau dan 1 lg kau. y shud i care anyways,, u nvr seemed 2 care bout me! soo,, from now on, i'll turn myself into a hideous, feelingless creature dat nobody wants to be friends wit. phm?

it was da day dat i suddenly became insanely, mad about somethng.. feeling soo stressed up dat i cnt seem to control myself. y?

first story : a fren. chat, get some unknown boys n went dating.. i can say dat it's her hobby. she just loves being da centre of attraction. 1 word term, desperate! i dont noe wut happen till she became a beast instead of a belle. cnt blame her ex bf 4 her desperateness coz,, they broke off bcoz they hv a lot of affairs behind each others back. soo yeahh.. da story begins here, she nvr heard any of her frens word [dat includes me!!] she's da 1 who's always rite about everythng. seeing a lot of guys in a day is not a sin. but girl,, going out wit a guy who u noe only 3 days ago witout asking ur fren 2 accompany u,, shows ur complete stupidity, fucking wrong decision! u noe y? bcoz it leads u to a midnite movie,, dat u cnt go back 2 hostel at dat time or u'll be fined, turning of ur fucking cellphone so dat no1 cn call u [nk privacy la ktekn] n he brought u 2 a place where he ws planning 2 rape u n da most important thng came 2 my house at 3 am bcoz ur soo fucking afraid at time! thk god i love u soo much at dat time. or else,, i just let u be wit dat guy. i told u dont messed up wit guys, u nvr listen. now,, u hv problems wit ur course mate, I DONT CARE! n pls,, stop ur fucking sympathy status at facebook or ym. i dont like it,, coz yeah,, they make me look like i'm a gay which i am not. JUST STOP BEGGING!!

second story : a boy. more likely 2 be called bf. he said he doesnt love me twice already so wuts da use of keeping me in dis love game? i'm not ur bitch nor [in a nicer word] girl. if u wanna take revenge on wut my besfren had done 2 u. u already had it. no more words of 143 or imy or anthng dat u jerk used 2 say. it sounds like a scratch on the blackboard now. get it? i always want u 2 come clean 2 me. u hv a girl behind my back, ur seeing somebody else on valentines, just tell me! wut is wrong wit u.. nvr tell lies 2 ur gf.. u've promised! i've stopped smoking bcoz of u. i've stopped going 2 clubs bcoz u told me 2. cnt u at least appreciate dat? i love u soo much. i nvr say dat i dont love u. but u, u cn just simply say dat u dont love me anymore n not 2 call u? WTF? fine.. dont beg me n i wont beg u. I WONT! is it wrong 4 me 2 suspect somethng when u didnt put a call on hold just 2 say dat ur talking 2 ur fren? who is she compared 2 me? who???

fucking pissed!