Monday, February 1, 2010


sem 1 sem 2..
spot any diff??
hmm,, obviously da num..
yes dats 1.
any implicit facts?
hmm,, guess no 1 knows.
bcoz it's my life, uhuh...

sem 1 and sem 2 brought a huge diff in my life.
sem 1 ws all about having fun and getting high marks 4 test and stuffs like dat.
but sem 2, it suddenly became superbly, extremely, extraordinarily challenging bebeh!
frankly, it's V hard..
but dis is d only time 4 me 2 grow up kn?
n i thnk i did.

tensy x psl n i went back 2 my old habit.
okay2, xbgge lgsg.
but dats wut happens..
pow jihan skotak, nvr did it b4 but i did it dis 2nd sem.

ws called a prostitute by my mentally ill ex-bf.
hmm,, wutever,, he's got issue wit his life.

my new bf on d other hand is V supportive.
i love u so much syg.

still in tesl C
same old class

still hv them around.
same old frens.

still hv their love
same old love

still hv their attention
same old attention.

da title somehow belongs 2 no body.
no body in UiTM.

so wut is incomplete?
still didnt noe dat.
i cnt seem 2 understnd myself.
not now, not ever.
cn somebody tell me wut did i missed out of my life?
*wonder wonder wonder
*think think think

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