Friday, March 26, 2010

grow up plsssss

dis is shahrehan shahrir
n she's my besfren dear,, mess wit her,, u mess wit me.

dis post is special 4 my dearest besfren's gf, deborah ngerong of sabah..
act i've already posted dis 2 ur blog,,
but in case u hv problem to approve it, i decided 2 post it on my fucking blog.

debby wutever thing u've done to ann is wrong n u noe dat rite?
moving on is not easy for a person who had been DUMPED.
4 a person who do da dumping job,, ouh hell yes he cn move on.
esp when he gets a substitute like u.
plus,, if she hasnt move on,, dats her problem NOT YOURS.
y dont u solve dis problem professionally.
i mean cmon.. pe yg u nk sket hti sgt ngn ann nieeee????
she did nthg wrong.
i hope we cn overcome dis problem like adults.
u cr gado ngn ann pown u bkn dpt pape.
sabah's my bestfren.
i tot i noe him V well.
maybe im wrong. he cnt even handle a chick.
pity him.
chill bbe,, sabah's will always b by ur side till he finds a substitute 4 u.
dont blame ann for dis cmmnt.
i always stick up 4 my frens.

a msg 4 u,, pls grow up.. plssssssssssssssss


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

ouchhh...teags d0wh..hehehe

nabel lah said...

lol.asl u yg ouchh?? n wuts teags?