Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hepi bday

hmm.. i dont hv da time to update my precious blog ayyy..
too bz with asses [assignments] n endless testssssssss~

1st thing 1st.
noor akmar md noor aka ibu
hepi belated 40th bday,,
along syg ibu sgt2~ muah2!!!!!!!
dis happen to be my post on 26th feb.. :P

hartini hassan aka my sister 4eva,,
hepi belated bday alsoo,,
i love u!
dis happen to be my post on 28thfeb.. :P

en adam ali aka aliff burhanuddin aka precious fren,,
hepi belated bday 2 u 2,
may our frenship will nvr find the end~

hmmmm.. there's soo much thngs dat had happened last month..
but i've succeeded in going tru all da circumstances,,
hmm.. it's okay bell.. there were all just tiny thngs..
wut i'm going 2 do now is 2 be wit my fellow bbes dat i love wit all my heart n soul..

tina, ann..
be strong
i will always got ur back sygss~~
biatches,, stop messing up wit my bbes,
miss A n miss D,,
get a grip.. u nvr noe how world cn turn out 2 b hell.
move aside will u??

hmm.. in da mood of going somewhere where i cn dance~
cnt wait 4 tomorrow nite people!


Anonymous said...

babe, muda gle ibu u. hehe
hmm thanks for being such a supportive friend bel.
die tu dah diam. so skang die yang loser. hihik. tula pdn muke.

gney said...

owh..thanks honey..
i know you know that i love you..

nabel lah said...

aww tina~ no biggie lah
tini ~ always am bebeh~