Wednesday, March 24, 2010

si jalang

maslina ainaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~
is it a sin if a girl doesnt hs a dad anymore?
i dont thnk it is..
is it a burden 2 u seeing dat girl is leading a gud life?
i cn c it is~

bitch,, told u soo many times. in dis war ur not gonna win.
big army with big heart will hunt u down.
before anything bad happens,, i thnk maybe u shud pissed off.
be mature, be nice n we'll do da same 2 u.

da words u've been using indicates ur 'kampungness'
dont ever thnk dat ur on da rite side
dont act like u dont noe wut we cn do
do care bout other's feeling...

dont thnk dat if u dont care,, others wont to.
ur wrong~

u hurt my fren,,
i'll hurt u!
it's a warning, bitch.
be alert!


Anonymous said...

tulaaa, kalau dia kacau u, u kasi tau,
oi perempuan, if you broke nabel's heart, im going to break your face. pahamm.

nabel lah said...

awwww... dats soo sweettt hahahahahah

rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

wow..very harsh hah..hehehe..good..always stand up..hehehe

nabel lah said...

ray,, dats me~