Wednesday, April 7, 2010


i dont rmmbr knowing u
i dont rmmbr hearing u saying dat u like me
i dont rmmbr saving ur phone num
i dont rmmbr going out with u
so mr.lan,, u dont hv any rite 2 shout at me just bcoz i danced wit my fren at da club where u work~

my feeling is neutral~
soo stop bugging me b4 i start hating u.

wutever happened in da past, remain there.
i dont noe u. okay??
yes i danced wit him,, bcoz i like him.
no i didnt dance wit u,, bcoz i dont like u.
get it?

platinum is not ur place.. it's public.
if it's ur place,, i dont even bother to step into it.
geli! okay???

soo as long as it's not ur place,
i'm going 2 continue shaking my ass off at da dance floor~
so it's ur problem if u c me dancing wit another guy.
coz u r nthg 2 me.. got it?

p/s : da waiter 2 bwt r cre waiter, nie lbey2 plak!! duet pown xde nk kt aku.. sorie ahhh~


Ann said...

marah gilew nmpk

nabel lah said...

mmg mrh~ semak tol mmt nie~