Sunday, May 23, 2010


i miss my old frens back in campus..
final sem was beyond crazy
drink drunk drive. haha!
life full of sins. yes. but i cnt seem to bring myself into hating dat kind of life of mine~
hell nooooooooooooooo.. got no time 4 dat.
tini always says "hmm,, da same old scndalous bell" am i dat flirty? idk~
hahahahahhaha... there's a little story bout this tiny thng,

a : bell, mlm nie jd x?
b : ahh.. jd! msti jd pnye ladies nite kn!
a : haha.. ko nie mmg ahh.. okay mlm nie k. tp besok ko de paper. xpe ke?
b : paper sng lahh besok xpe
*paper final exam listening n speaking*
[soo,, party lah smpi xigt besok exam phonetic symbol]

ble result kuar,,
*listening n speaking ll ----- A+*
wahhh!! moral of da story,, kalo besok exam sila lah pg clubbing ye~

hmm,, dis pic was snapped by ibu when i ws sleeping at the back seat of the car after we went shopping for ikan segar! at da market.
y da hell did i wore dat jacket anyways..
it was freezing cold,, yes bcoz it was raining.
i've gotten rid of it from my wardrobe n put it in a box..
unfortunately,, ibu took it n placed it in HER WARDROBE!
she said it wud b useful 1 day.
ahh ye la kot~

who is dis guy?
mohd amar arsyad b wazira
he's a brother of mine.

da new me,,
well,, there's a group of people who just simply called me "perampas bf org"
wah!! am i dat HOT??
hmm.. it's not me who approached him at da 1st place. he did.
hilmi ke, daus ke, lan ke, aizat ke,, we're just frens.
nthg more than dat,
cnt u see da diff between frens n bf?
stupid biatch~

p/s single is beautiful~~~


shahrir said...

wow...lawa jcket kak..
nk pinjm leh?


lah.lex syg...
humm..kdng2mmg dlm dunia jerrr mnusia yg xpuas hati gan kite..
sbr2..yg pnting kite tau..kite xslh kn..

&single is beautiful~~~??

hahahah..aku setuju!

nabel lah said...

jcket 2 aku nk buang!!!!!! nk buang nk buang!!!!! huhuhuhuhuhuhu

Ann said...

xsayang keh dear?