Friday, June 11, 2010

jgn tdo siang plssss

it's 2.30 pm n i dont noe wut to do..
bsoh pggn?? xmau!!
bttr hv a nap lahh.
hoping dat i'm not gonna da indonesian sinetron cinta dan anugerah.
bkk air cond,, okayy, amek bntl busuk,, okayy..
urghhh,, bring ats ktl ibu ayh *tdo lm blik ibu jup ah.. haha!*
not long after dat,, i see a glimpse of some1 dat i really know!
i recognise da face but i cnt rmmbr who he is..
spe ehh??
i catch a glimpse of big ocean at my right side!
i turned 2 my right n ouh! a breath taking scenery of an extremely beautiful beach!
where am i?
suddenly some1 grab my waist from back.
who da hell is dis????!!!!!
wut a strong arm he has!!! omg!!!
could he b my bf??
wait. i'm currently single..
ex bf???
god!!! i swore i wont let him touched me again!
then who is dis guy??

"soo,, how's goa?"

wut??!! goa?
whoa3!!! dis is not happening~
i look back!
gosh! i almost fainted!
he's da man of my dream...

"i love it honey!"

wutta hell did i just said??
hahahahaha... it's awkward..
like friggin awkward! but it's fun!!!

"honey,, i've somethng 2 gv 2 u,, i thnk dis is da rite time n da rite place"
"ahh,, wut is it?"

he kneel down..
is he trying 2 propose??

"will u marry me?"

i was about 2 say yes! when suddenly "along!!!!!!!!!!!"
u noe wut dat means rite..
i hate sweet dreams!!!!
hate it hate it!!!!

hey handsome!! dnt u ever come in my dream again!!
u make it too ugly 2 wake up..

p/s dis is da 2nd time i dreamed of him! urgghhhh!

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