Tuesday, June 15, 2010

mrs s

1. ur not from peninsular,, thk god coz ur attitude is *PUKE* not even like a malaysian. *goal!! 1-0
2. i'm not a big fan of ur blog, n i dont stalk. *goal!! 2-0
3. my personal life is none of ur business.. get out of my face whore
4. i might b fugly,, but at least, i'm not STUPID! my last pointer is much better than urs~ haha! *goal!! 3-0
5. if i repent,, insyaallah god will forgive me.. at least i'm just a bit lost not REALLY LOST! *goal!! 4-0
6. ur bf is my besfren. dont put him between me n u..
7. if he choose 2 hate me, i believe dat it's not bcoz of u ask him 2.
8. i dont hv 2 b a 'bunian' 2 make people like me.. i'm just me. *goal!! 5-0
9. n ouh,, i wonder if ur skin tone is just like mine,, wud u b as pretty as u r now? idts~ but still,, there r people saying i'm pretty. soo klh lgi lah kau! *goal!! 6-0
10. i dont mess wit ur life anymore. so dont mess wit mine.. u just feel INSECURE huh bcoz ur bf is my besfren. rite? *goal!! 7-0

another prove dat indicates how HOT i am.. people just love to mess wit me~ i dont judge people n i dont call people FUGLY.. congratz 2 dis bitch, im now judging u..

beauty is subjective honey,, u cn call me fugly if dat makes u feel good bout urself.. but we both noe dat ur fuglier simply bcoz of ur fugly personality.. u make me wanna puke! yuckkssss~

p/s aku itu udah nggk ada urusan sama cewek murahan gya kamu.. boleyh blah!!!! wakakakakka.. n now i'm laughing like a witch so dat u noe who's da real witch here.. u cnt beat me. bear dat in mind okayy..


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erk ray..... hak2~