Sunday, June 6, 2010


eyy.. u just cnt stop making up stories bout me rite..??
my life is just a drama 2 u huh~
u cn simply just put me as da main character n poof! new episode has been made..
fuck u!
i told u he was my good fren when we were in primary school
n now u named ur 3 weeks relationship wit him as forever n our friendship is never~
if he says he likes me dat doesnt mean dat i like him 2!
yg smpi ko xley pk 2 mnatang mnde weyh??
he's da 1 who came chasing after me.. n he admitted it!
n ouh u hv 2 except da fact dat i'm hot altho u cnt c it but yes,, dats a fact~
u said i'm a slut?
hmm,, yes i am? soo?? mati ke kau?? xkn?
thx soo much besfren

thx 4 making my life miserable altho da truth is urs is worse than mine
thx 4 making me lose my besfren altho u've lost a besfren n a bf.. *ouch! dat hurts~*
i dont need a fren like u..
get out of my face u loser!!!


rAy jR...@...Aliff said...

ouchhh...dat was harsh..but indeed awes0me...kakakakakka..o yeahhhh

nabel lah said...

haha~ i noe.. hope she reads dis~

nabel lah said...
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