Saturday, August 14, 2010


it's been a long time since my last post..
*which was before i got into college*
i'm drowning in a very tight schedule of mine..
cnt seem find any free time 4 blogging.
but i seriously need 2 update u guys about dis meaningful event of my life

may i present u,,*drum roll*
da bday girllllll!!

the princess i am when it is august 14.
thx 2 all my frens who wished n 4 my sweethearts 4 celebrating my 19th year of living.
last nite was awesome guys..
sheesha-ing *roof cafe bb*
laughing our ass off *all da time*
walking 2 bb *it was awesome kn??*
watching movie *the descent 2. da movie was heavyyyy!!*
studying?? *while waiting 4 da movie*

i love u guys to pieces!!

roof cafe shishaaaaaa!! owh yeah~

we love da view.. kn bbes???

da happy faces!

i edited dis pic sooo well didnt i?? god, im good! haha

seriously i miss u guys like hell!
it's been a while that we hang out 2gether aite peeps..
we shud do dis more often.

we were in kfc to have our sahur when suddenly witnessed a fight between a Malay guy *who knows how 2 swear in English perfectly* and an English man *who masters the art of spitting on people's face*. it was hell scary! but i managed to talk to the Malay guy after the English man went out of the restaurant. i'm a brave bitch, baby!! haha!

p/s (dis hs nthg to do wit dis post): i heard bout da conflict or *do correct me if im wrong* da broke up thingy between u n ur boyfie. god,, are you kidding me? u show me dat all dis time i was right!! didnt i warn u about karma?? i know him better than u do bcoz he's my best friend.may i repeat,, BEST FRIEND! n as i said,, U CANT BEAT ME,, BEYBEH! haha..

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