Wednesday, August 18, 2010

not now,, nor ever..

u seriously enjoy being a slut huh??
go on. who am i 2 advice u rite?
i ws just a one-time-savior of urs who suddenly gave shelter 2 you at 3am in da morning without thnking about my parents feelings n yes,, i dont even get da permission to let you stay in my parents' house!
hv u ever thnk about dat?
no rite?? ur too bz thinking of how 2 get a bf..
how 2 hv great SEX!
i risk being scolded by ayh just by having you as my friend!!
y wud i do such stupid thngs like care about u n stuffsssss???
bcoz I LOVE U, MY FRIEND!!!!!

hey bbe, listen!
dis is not da 1st time i write about u here.
may dis b da last post about u.
ur a friend of mine,
so pls,, dis is 4 ur own good!
i dont want u 2 repeat da same mistakes over and over again!!!!!
2 make it clear, i dont wanna c my friend got pregnant. n being kicked out if da college.
*eventho dats a good drama to c*

u love ur current friend dont u?
she enjoys listening 2 all ur stories about spending nitesss with ur bf at his place during weekendssssss..
[y there's soo many 's'? bcoz dis thing has been going on since a month ago!]

let me tell u dis,
a friend who only listened n nodded 4 everythng is not a good friend.
*im not saying dat im a good friend.. but dats da fact! n u hv 2 agree wit me*
if ur friend is not doing wut she is suppose 2 do, again, she's not a good friend..


wAnIe said...

honey do i really know this person? coz i can sense something here and been heard of lotsa bad news about her currently.. hmph :/

nabel lah said...

hahahha... wutever thngs dat u hv in mind rite now dear are all true. obviously lah kn?

wAnIe said...

tau xpeee.. sangat obvious. and the S word,,is it true?? 0.o??

nabel lah said...

whoops.. it's ur responsibility to observe the differences baybehh.. :D

saori said...

oh wow SEX 24/7? that's a super addiction there going on.

nabel lah said...

kakakaka.. super duper addiction bbe~ :D