Thursday, October 21, 2010

study week

study week i suppose to be a week of books in hand.. rite?
but believe it or not,, i havent find myself grabbing a book to read,, not even to hold it!!
look at it,, hmm.. numerous times~ wahahaha.
final exam for da 1st sem is just around da corner...
cmon bell!! start studying..
u hv 2 get good grades 4 ur 1st sem.. at least,, dean's list.
wahahahahha *harapan*

hv already spent a week at tasya's place..
bash said that dis is my second home.. wahahaha.. really???
helping tish wit her maths homework *man im a good teacher!*
helping tasya wit her grammar~ *okay i suck at this*
n helping aunty to evacuate her fridge.. *seriously,, im veeeeerrry good at this!*

oh i miss home~

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