Sunday, January 16, 2011


typical human, never appreciate what they have in life
typical human, hard to admit their mistakes (even the little ones)
typical human, seldomly aware of their self-selfishness
typical human, rarely realize it when they hurt someone's feelings.
that's human being. they're imperfect. Simply because God creates them that way.
but being imperfect doesnt mean you can trash your life away.
you should at least try to be perfect for yourself.
so that you can allow yourself to bring the true definition of peace in your everyday life.

yay! im now a blogger! *duh,, again?*
so wsup wit the sarcastic melancholic intro after a long no-show?
sorry readers, i've been very bz managing my life
have to sort somethings out, arranging my life n keeping on tracks with everything
there're tons of problems to be solved, broken heart to be mend n assignments to be done.

yeah,, u can say that my life sucks. it is actually.
but lately it has been neutral.
whenever there's a down-come HE will neutralize it in order to cover the misery im having.
thx to HIM for giving me the most precious gift a person can have.

i was once thought im sick of meeting people..
but now, at some points, i think all i can do best is to mingle with people.
im learning to accept all the people around me,
im learning to forgive the person who has done wrong to me,
im learning to appreciate what god has given me,
im learning to excel in my studies.
im learning to behave like im suppose to.
im still learning people. im still learning.
and that is me.

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