Sunday, February 27, 2011

backing off

love means sacrifice.
if one is willing to sacrifice, she'll earn the love.
i have faith in it.

he was my love, he was my shadow.
we screwed once. n i thought that's just all.

life is somehow an amusing irony.
he's the mature one, and i am not.
he's the understandable one, and i am not.
he's the determine one, and i am not.

but now, im going to make things easy for him.
he doesnt has to choose because im backing off now.
i have to be the mature one right now.
i have to think of his happiness.

fight? im tired of fighting.
seriously, it's not worth it. because who is in his mind all this time, is that girl.

i promise i wont cry.
i promise i will be strong.
i promise i will continue living my life as usual.

i just hope that he wont piss off with me for doing this.
and i hope that he could understand why im doing this to him.


si ngokngek said...

yes you must strong and don't cry..maybe he not for you..

Anonymous said...
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nabel lah said...

thx :)