Monday, July 25, 2011

if you have valid proves, then talk.

have u guys heard of the lynas issue recently? basically, a project name lynas is going to operate in gebeng kuantan. well, it is true that lynas get a lot of anti-fans but still havent you heard that 99% of the anti-fans are chinese?? through a specific investigation by the gov, lynas project will cause us millions, but, much more millions in return. it is now one of the ways for our country to compete with china who holds 95% profits of the rare earth market. uhuh.. obviously we're dealing with a lot of money and who is it for may i hear your answer. yes! for the fucking sake of the country and pahang itself (who as you all known, has a lot of trouble regarding money). back to the anti-fans, well, since independent, chinese has dominated the business sector.. oh yeah.. may i repeat, CAPITAL sector. so lynas actually gives no opportunity for the chinese to involve as the government want the malay people to take part wholly in this project. that is why chinese are half crazy about this. it is now make sense isnt it? they dont want the malays to step on their major so they bring out some SCARY false fact about lynas. woooo. radiation... scary much huh.. dont say that malays are taking this thing politically, chinese are doing the same thing too and yet, disguised as if they only wanna bring peace to mother nature as to saving it for the future generations.

dear anti-lynas people,
as a pro-lynas person i dont think all of you know what lynas is all about. people make conferences for it and you guys just sit at the comfort of your home listen to nothing and here is the result, some clueless people. read and make a research on lynas. if you r too lazy to read or too stupid to conduct a research, u better start listening to the discussions. swearing wont make you a knowledgeable person. think people. i feel bad for everyone who criticized the gov. u guys r the dummies of the opponent. too bad. some malays are not excluded. open your eyes. if you have valid proves, then talk. if not, keep yourselves updated.

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