Saturday, July 16, 2011

this is bell.

Name : Nurfarahi Nabilah Mohd Azmi
Age : 19 years 11 months
Sex : Female
Race : Malay

this is bell.
short hair. full smile. bright girl. extremely talkative. a bit immature in handling things. honest. straight-forward. easy-going. free. punctual. courageous. great student. best daughter. fun kaklong.

this is still bell. almost 2 years later.
still with short hair. same smile. not-so-bright girl. talkative. a bit immature in handling CERTAIN things. still honest. still straight-forward. be friends only with people who she thinks deserve to be her friends. free. late comer. courageous sometimes. bad student. good daughter. serious kaklong.

time changes me.

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