Sunday, November 13, 2011

i love you, i did

all the waiting is finally over. it is true that god gives his blessings for those who are in need and for those who are patient. all the questions have been answered. she was laying on her bed, comforting herself with words that nobody could understand. restless she is. she held her pillow close, trying to find the scent her mother left on it but to no avail. she took her phone, and wrote a text to someone. "im still waiting" she said. hoping that the person she sent the text was already asleep. she did not need an answer that night, she was just trying to remind herself that she still had a hope to keep waiting. she was wrong. he replied. "i love you, i did" she frowned. he DID. but after that she smiled. confidently she said to herself "what a gross grammatical error" and she laughed so loudly that her roommate asked her to shut up. ^^

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