Thursday, November 10, 2011


she was staring at the glass window in her room. looking for any dirt on it. the result was still the same as 30 minutes ago. the window was clean - without a single dirt on it. weird. she couldn't find herself satisfied with it. when she asked herself if the window clean, her mind said yes, but her heart said no. maybe the problem was her heart, not the window. yes, the heart was broken. she reached for the cigarette box under her pillow - hiding it from her parents. that was the only thing that could soothed her. weird. non of those cigarettes she smoked soothed her tonight. maybe she was waiting for something. but what was it she waited for? a call? yes, a call. from who? only she knew. hope. she was hoping for him to call and to explain. explanation. something that she couldn't understand unless she was being explained about it. she kept on waiting and waiting. and yes, someone called her. she smiled but beneath that smile she reminded herself to be strong. she was ready. ready for explanation. but all that someone said was goodnight. frustrated she was. a few minutes after that, she received a text saying "im sorry, goodnight." a strong girl she was, replied "you don't need to be sorry. i just want an answer". and she didn't get a reply. and so, she kept on waiting.

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