Sunday, January 1, 2012


hey it's 2012,
first of all, i would like to welcome this new year.
and also expressing my great and undivided thank you to Allah for giving me another chance of living.
with hopes that 2012 would treat me a little bit more flexible than what 2011 had put me through.
2011 was a bit stressing at the very end of it.
but lets just put it behind and begin a new chapter.

2012 brings a lot of meanings to my life.
new hopes, new plans, new life.
unfortunately it began with examinations of semester 3 and also a shocking wedding of an aunt.
well looking at the bright sight, examination is just a phase before a long term break and the wedding is good in terms of..... i dont know.. that is simply because i tend to develop this kind of belief that nobody is meant to be together forever *quoted from NoStringsAttached*

so yeah.. lets make this 2012 a total different phase of life. obviously better.... or worst. whatever, as long as it's different.. ha ha!

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