Thursday, February 16, 2012

here goes nothing

semester break.. the glorious moment that appears only after you finished your final exams.. well for me, the glorious semester break isn't glorious at all. it was at first, but not anymore. there has been some mistakes and observations. too much to handle and i was losing control of my own life for a moment. just for a moment. im back on my feet, believing that God will significantly help me in overcoming all those circumstances. well, the blessings is yet to be received and so im waiting patiently.
so this is life during semester break. at the very beginning of it, i went back to Kedah for my aunt's wedding. well a second marriage. but there's nothing wrong with that. the new husband is more successful, logical and understanding too tho. just for the sake of the children. she is indeed a very successful woman herself. unlike some people who prefer to take their partners for granted. :). as soon as the wedding settled we rushed back to Kuantan. got a partime job the next day. got to know some new people. got a Voodoo Pub&Bistro shirt from a new friend who's a bartender at Voodoo. got into a fight with the boss and quit the job.
and here goes nothing. im now a stay-at-home sister. just a student having a GLORIOUS semester break. i have nothing else to do other than washing the dishes, do the laundries, sent the siblings off to school, facebooking and 9gagging. errr... life is sooo boring and when it gets boring i started to have some unpeaceful imagination of shattered memories. reminiscing. MAMN

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