Thursday, February 2, 2012


i was supposed to be your best friend. but i fell in love with you.
you were supposed to be my best friend. but because of me you stopped.
we were supposed to keep each other's company. but shit happens all the time.

i was supposed to forget you. but it was so hard and im still trying.
you were supposed to text me. but you refuse because you think i will not like it.
we were supposed to be happy. but i insisted on making you confused and we were not happy because of that.

i was supposed to understand how you suffer being with me. but i didnt.
i was supposed to respect your perspectives towards girls. but i refused to listen.
i was supposed to text you to tell you how sorry i am. but my ego said, i've caused too much pain that you deserve to be free.
i was supposed to let you go. but i cant.
and since you didnt text me, i assumed you've moved on.
i should have understood that you never loved me more than a best friend.

i just want to let you know. it's a good thing that you have made it clear of where i stand in your life.
i accept it. thank you.

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