Wednesday, April 11, 2012

enough said

ive apologised. god wants to show me how proud you are. you came to my house. you are proud. saying things about me apologising. you are proud. i heard it in your voice. you are proud. that you finally made a clan out of this trouble. you are proud. that i actually admit to some mistakes that i did. YOU ARE PROUD.
i regret. that i didnt tell you the whole story. i regret. that you didnt know who actually is playing games. i regret. that you let that damn evil crawls in your veins. i regret. i chose to be friends with you again. i regret. not listening to my parents. i regret. i didnt see how bad you are. I REGRET.

things have finally come to a conclusion. you want people to stop making mistakes. you do the same damn thing without you realizing it. it's a shame i've heard it all. it shows how manipulative human being can be. you are happy you finally found the TRUTH. she is happy she finally broke a friendship she NEVER had. enough said.

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