Saturday, April 28, 2012


life had been and will always be a survival for me. i've survive 21 years of tears and laughters. i will keep on surviving. a light chat with ibu two days ago had really opened my eyes. kiss on her cheek and hug and i said "thanks to you. we've made it". "'ve made it and im proud of you. you are strong. a survivor on your own" and i cried. i felt a strong grip of ibu's faith. i really felt it as if it was real that anyone can see how strong it is. holding my head up high, i know i can survive. cause ibu said so. and if i fail to survive, i can always come back to ibu's arms and cry and ask for a renewal of her faith. because the minute im losing the willingness to survive, it means ibu's faith is not with me. but for now, im still a survivor.

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